Online Parking Management

No more faxing and emailing! We have developed state of the art technology to provide you as much information as possible. Our drivers and monitors are all equipped with the latest technology and as soon as they tag or tow a vehicle using their tablet or smart phone, the information is immediately uploaded to the cloud. As a property manager, you will be provided with a login which allows you to see all of our activity on your property in real time. The pictures of the violation are immediately available for your review. If you have not yet received a log in, please contact us today so we can show you how this works and the benefits it can provide to you and your property.

Boulder Valley Parking Pass

Boulder Valley Towing has also developed a cutting edge solution to help you manage the parking for your property. Our system takes the work out of the management office and requires the resident to go online and register their vehicle. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags allow each permit to be associated with a particular vehicle (similar to the technology used on the toll roads). This eliminates residents who copy permits, or who give or sell the permits to their friends. Complexes who have implemented this solution have found that by controlling their parking lot they are able to reduce the number of unauthorized tenants. In addition, there are numerous revenue opportunities for apartment complexes that implement this new parking permit system. Please contact us today so we demonstrate the benefits of this solution for your property.

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